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Aaron's EdgeWe're all looking for edges when it comes to our fishing — especially tournament fishing. The new Aaron's Edge rods from Enigma Fishing are mine.

I'm not going to bore you with a lot of technical details about the rods except to say that they're lighter, stronger and more sensitive than any rods I've ever used. I designed each and every one of them, and they're exactly the right tools for the way I fish. If you want some more technical information, it's near the end of this introduction.

When I design a rod, I start with the application — the way I'm going to use that rod — and I work back from there. My choices and decisions are based on how I'm going to use the rod and the fact that I demand a lot from my gear.

As a professional fisherman, I spend a lot of time with a rod and reel in my hands. In fact, the more time I spend fishing — rather than running around from spot to spot — the better I'm doing. And I need my rods and reels to feel like natural extensions of my arms and hands.

Part of that comes through time on the water, but an even bigger part is proper design. The Aaron's Edge series gives me that.

Aaron Martens designs the Aaron's Edge series from Enigma FishingNow let's get a little more technical. I'll start by telling you that I learned a lot about rod design and components in the process of building the Aaron's Edge rods. The people at American Tackle Co. make some great rods for other manufacturers, and they really know their stuff. They helped me put together the right combination of blanks, handles, guides and other hardware to create the best rods I've ever fished. I think they look good, too!

We started with blanks made from high-strain carbon fibers and advanced resin systems. That keeps the rod light and strong. The multi-pattern material designs come in my favorite colors and patterns.

Every rod in my series has the MicroWave guide system. It's the only guide system to win Innovation of the Year and Best New Product awards on three different continents. When you look at the guides, you'll see why. MicroWave guides quickly gather up the line as it comes off your reel — taking all that chaos and side-to-side movement that you don't want — and funnels it down to control and conserve the energy you put into the cast.

The results are longer and more accurate casts, reduced casting effort and fewer backlashes. Aaron's Edge rods will actually make you a better caster with any kind of line and any reel. I know because they're making me better.

If you've followed my career, you know I'm all about the details. Whether it's weight distribution in my boat, nutrition on the water, hooks on my baits or tires on my trailer, I want it to be right so I can focus on finding and catching fish. All that goes double for my rod handles.

Aaron Martens designs the Aaron's Edge rod series from Enigma FishingWhen you think about it, there's nothing you're in contact with more throughout a fishing day than your rod handles. They affect everything from casting and retrieving to rod sensitivity, setting the hook and fighting a fish. If your handles aren't right, your fishing's not going to be right.

Every one of my Aaron's Edge casting rods has a blank-exposed trigger seat so your hand is touching the blank for better sensitivity. They also feature a special foregrip for better rod control.

And my spinning rods are really special. For years I had to carve the handle I wanted into a spinning rod, but now it's standard-issue on every Aaron's Edge spinning rod.

I hold a spinning rod differently from a lot of anglers and probably differently from the way you were taught. Despite the fact that I have big hands, I keep three fingers above the reel stem. Most anglers have two fingers above the stem unless they have small hands.

By keeping three fingers above the stem, I'm in a better position to work a bait and feel a strike, and I have a lot more leverage for setting the hook and fighting a bass. Give it a try. The Aaron's Edge spinning rods are designed for this and can help you take your spin fishing to the next level. If you dropshot, my new dropshot rod is for you. I think it will change the way you practice that technique.

I hope you'll give my Aaron's Edge rods a try. They're helping take my fishing to the next level, and I think they can do the same thing for you. I'm extremely proud of the series and we'll be expanding it soon. Think of the rods like part of your tool kit. Every tool has a job. A hammer is great for pounding things, but it makes a lousy screwdriver. My Aaron's Edge flipping rod is great for short-line techniques in heavy cover, but it's not likely to be the best choice if you're dropshotting in 30 feet of water. Pick the right one for the job, then ... cast, catch, repeat.

Aaron Martens

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